Audio Research

Here are several tracks from Paul Bowles’ spoken word album, Baptism of Solitude. The title track is not available, and I’m not finding it online anywhere. I suggest “The Delicate Prey” and “The Circular Valley.”!/album/Baptism+Of+Solitude/2350898



There is also this . . . collaboration. Both the music and sound (outside of Bowles’ voice) and the video are additions to the original track (from Bowles’ album). It seems that the team (post Paul Bowles) who made this stripped out the orignal sound, leaving only the oration. On the original track, the music and sound are much more like the others you can hear on grooveshark, above. I suggest listening to this version of “Baptism of Solitude” without the video the first time through. Tonya Hurley’s video is cool, but it is a supplement, and risks warping your reception of the language:


And Scott Walker, unparalleled weirdness, “Psoriatic.” Very good with good headphones.

I like miko1975guitar’s comment of eight months ago, “Music to shit yourself by.” Really.

The lyrics are a little off, and (thank you, openskiesmedia) it is “thimble rigger,” one who works a shell game, not “nimble rigger” — though I like that mishearing and the image it conjures.



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